The True Face of Political Courage, by Anthony J. Oleck

June 11, 2012 
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So what does political courage look like? Let me first tell you what it does not look like… it doesn’t look like Andy Dinniman or Dominic Pileggi or even Gov. Corbett for that matter. Two weeks ago I criticized Sen. Dinniman’s “education rally” in West Chester.  I called it a union rally because while decrying […]

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Demand Pension Reform Now, by Sean Carpenter

May 1, 2012 
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It is no secret that the West Chester Area School District, along with 500 other Pennsylvania school districts, is facing falling income tax, home sale, and commercial property revenues.  At the same  time, expenses for items like fuel are rising, and more importantly our mandated pension costs are skyrocketing. School boards across Pennsylvania are therefore […]

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