Our History

The journey began months before the 2008 election. Many of us were volunteers making phone call after phone call on behalf of the McCain campaign; happy to do what was asked of us, but wanting to do so much more. We were visionaries, all of us. We asked if the campaign was willing to support a canvassing effort. We wanted to hit the ground; targeting senior centers and communities that we believed we could impact.  We believed the key to success lay in personal interaction and demonstrated enthusiasm. Its difficult to touch the heart of the issues through the phone, and we all knew it. This approach of leaving message after message for the voters was not the best use of our time, but we couldn’t seem to convince those who were calling the shots. So, like dutiful soldiers, we marched on.

We were disheartened by the results. And after a period of reflection, we dusted off the ashes and challenged each other to rise up and make a difference. We decided that we were not interested in choosing between the lesser of two evils. We wanted real solutions from real candidates who took the issue of individual liberty personally. If we couldn’t find the candidates, we would become the candidates. Instead of acquiescing to any Party ideals; we would align ourselves with the ideals of the Constitution. So, just weeks after the November 2008 election, seen as a devastating blow to our beloved Republic, we gathered together and brainstormed until the Pennsylvania Conservative Council was born. We, the people, held our first formal meeting on January 3, 2009 and never looked back.