Time to stand up and return America to its days of glory, by Richard Minnick

Time to stand up and return America to its days of glory, by Richard Minnick

Published: Oct 28, 2013 at 6:44 am

There are so many instances of wrong doing today by our government, its legislators, its judiciary, its “consultants” and their blatant disregard of our Constitution (ACA (a law) illegally changed over 11 times, Benghazi, devaluation of our military personnel and hardware, Fast and Furious, IRS intimidation scheme, voter fraud, economic destabilization, ruination of small businesses, illegal immigration processes, budget crisis, and more) that it is difficult to pick one subject. Remember the first words from the new administration in 2008, “Never let a good crisis go to waste.” The government and the main stream news media keep so many rotten apples out in front of the American people, that most people, either eventually tune it all out or become so confused or forgetful of the original incident and facts that the issue just fades away. Their tactic is deny, delay, delay, poof, gone!

So, I’ll pick one. A recent news video clip (from a prominent network) displayed a contingent of heavily armed rent-a-cops keeping citizens from venturing too near to Independence Hall. Not U.S. park rangers. Not legitimate law enforcement, but armed rent-a-cops from a company named SecTec, whom have no legal arrest powers, just hiding behind armed intimidation. Who authorized this? Where did they come from? Who manages their contract, who provides them with their daily duty roster and what right do they have to keep American citizens at bay.

Ultimately, we the taxpayer pay for this blatant infringement of our right to assemble freely. I don’t remember voting to give a rent-a-cop security company the right to keep us from viewing our historical places and the heritage of freedoms our nation’s founding fathers envisioned and fought for. We are signing our own warrant. Shame on us for not standing up.

These Gestapo tactics, harken the darkest days of the Nazis and of communist dictatorships in play today. Couple that with, disrespecting our fallen military and their families, bated race and ethnicity warfare, surveillance cameras everywhere, closure of public memorials, “You don’t own that”, “You can keep your doctor”, “Spread the wealth”, “Marathon jogger fined at Valley Forge park”, and so many other seemingly unrelated events and you have the makings of a dictatorship, the likes of which are being ever so cleverly intertwined into our current low information “entitlement” society. A great number of our citizens do not even realize this usurpation of our liberties is taking place. And, will not until it is much too late.

Many of you can recall in person or by stories, the American internment camps of WWII, that proliferated in many sections of our great nation. Remember those of us whom did nothing, because “These traitors, terrorists, or infidels need to be rounded up before they cause damage to our county or it’s people.” Scare tactics, a crisis too good to waste, don’t get involved, “the government knows best.”

To paraphrase the 1980s movie “Network,” “We’re mad as hell and not going to take it anymore.” My friends, veterans, and fellow Americans, we must stand up. We must wake up. We must act as our forefathers did and educate, communicate honestly, and support those of us whom are standing up for our freedoms of life, liberty, and the right to prosper by our own hard and honest work.

We all must get out and VOTE. Vote these despots out of our lives, out of our legislative system. Restore the America we used to recognize.