Wag The Dog, by Anthony Oleck

Wag The Dog, by Anthony Oleck

Published: Jan 18, 2012 at 7:03 pm

By Anthony J. Oleck. I just finished reading an amazing editorial in Tuesdays Daily Local entitled “GOP has turned into the party of intolerance.”

The writer accuses the Republicans of nearly killing a tax cut bill that would extend tax cuts for working Americans for two more months. What the writer neglects to mention is that the Republicans wanted to hammer out a plan to extend them for at least a YEAR.  But here is the rub; they wanted to pay for the tax cuts with spending cuts in other areas of government. Call me crazy but I thought living within your means was a good idea. I guess not after reading the editorial, must be that Government bureaucrats are more efficient than I thought – no waste to cut there!

The author goes on to blast Tea Party Republicans, calling them far-right radicals, loud and stubborn, they are the tail wagging the dog and this is one sick puppy according to the writer.

Well on that we can agree – our government is one sick puppy, on both sides of the aisle.  But in this case the tail has it right, the tail of this sick puppy (the tea party freshmen) are the only adults in room.  They are being blasted by the writer because they want fiscal discipline? They want to pay for extended spending in some areas by cutting expenses in other areas? They want a government that lives within its means? They want the people to keep more of their money and the Government to get less? They want to uphold their promise to the voters who put them there to change the status quo in DC?

Am I the only one who thinks the writer’s vitriol is somewhat misplaced, or to be a little more accurate, bizarre?

The editorial seems to claim that the status quo folks – business as usual, out of control spending and borrowing and printing of money folks – are the smart ones. It’s like the author hasn’t heard about the little problem Europe is having with their economy: IT’S ABOUT TO IMPLODE. Europe is the canary in the mine and that’s one sick canary.  We are right behind them, ready to jump off the cliff if we follow the tax-and-spend business-as-usual crowd.

It is not the new Tea Party Republicans who have it wrong, it’s the folks who have gotten us to this point: $15,182,756,264,288 in debt and rising, stolen money from our Social Security Trust Fund to feed the spending beast, trillions spent on 50 years of Great Society Entitlement programs to end poverty and poverty is worse than ever. Nothing to show for trillions spent.  Every dollar we send to Washington is one less dollar in the private market. Who do you think has a better chance of creating good sustainable jobs: Nancy Pelosi, Barney Frank or a Bill Gates or a Steve Jobs? If you answer Jobs and Gates than we need to cut the size of government and grow the private sector. Our federal government has grown farther and wider and has more of our money than our Founders could ever have imagined. This was not their plan for America and if we don’t make some radical changes in Washington we may never get the old America back again.

The Tea Party Freshmen have it right, that sick-headed puppy in Washington has gotten us into this mess and it’s going to have to be pulled out by its tail.