Carlineo Seeks PA-178th State Representative Seat

Carlineo Seeks PA-178th State Representative Seat

Published: Jan 18, 2012 at 6:27 pm

SOLEBURY, PA – Gloria Carlineo, Republican candidate for State Representative in the 178th legislative district, called upon the Bucks County GOP to follow the principle of free market competition by calling for an open primary election in her race against incumbent Scott Petri.

“Endorsements in a primary election distort the electoral process by allowing party bosses within the Bucks County GOP to promote one Republican over another by having sample ballots printed at every polling station for the Republican that the party wishes to promote to the Republican voters. The only endorsement that matters in a primary should be the voter’s endorsement. It is time to end the County GOP’s closed-door back room favoritism, by allowing for an open primary without any party endorsement” said Carlineo.

Gloria went on to add “it is clear that with his history of campaign contributions from Union and party bosses that my opponent will outspend my campaign by a large margin. Along with the advantage of incumbency there should be no need for a party endorsement that shuts voters out of the process.”

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