Fighting for Freedom, by Pat Carmody

Fighting for Freedom, by Pat Carmody

Published: Feb 8, 2011 at 9:17 am

By Patrick Carmody

You can’t be for big government, big taxes, and big bureaucracy and still be for the little guy.
–President Ronald Reagan

President Reagan, whose 100th birthday was February 6, echoes the thoughts of our forefathers. They fled oppressive governments that cut down individual liberties. They drafted the best legal document ever written – our Constitution – which stresses individual freedom and a limited government while creating a system of checks and balances between the branches of government.

I have spent 27 years as a DA fighting for the little guy. On my website under “In the Press- video” there is a TV show called “It’s Your Call” where I argue against judges stepping outside their role and legislating. We elect legislators to write our laws, judges to interpret them and DAs, like me, to enforce them.

What becomes the problem is when a branch of Government oversteps its role. Government must represent the will of the people. As District Attorney, I will prioritize our fight on crime. We will put the violent criminals in jail for as long as possible. There is no excuse for deliberately harming another person. At the same time, we will use diversionary programs such as Drug Court, Mental Health Court and Veterans Court to address the underlying problems of nonviolent offenders to try to make these people productive members of society again. If we are successful, we save money by lowering the crime rate. Through the hard work of the police and our DA’s office, we now have the lowest crime rate of any County, our size, in the state, including all the Philadelphia suburbs.

Our forefathers wrote the constitution to protect their freedoms from being taken away. Criminals regularly take the freedoms of citizens away by breaking into their homes, robbing or assaulting them. Victims need DAs to fight for them, which is why I chose this profession.

Every morning before I go to work, I put on a Saint Michaels’ medal that Pennsylvania State Police Trooper Kenton Iwaniec was wearing when he was killed by a drunk driver. After that driver was sent to jail, Kenton’s parents repaired the medal and gave it to me to “remind me of what I do and why I do it”. The Iwaniecs, like other victims’ families, have turned a horrible negative into a positive, by teaching the dangers of drunk driving at schools.

We too can turn the negative state of our economy into a positive. It is a call for action to concerned citizens. We need to hold our government accountable. We need to fulfill our forefathers’ goals of personal freedom while holding criminals, who try to take away those freedoms, responsible for their actions.

Pat Carmody is a First Assistant DA and is running for Chester County District Attorney. More information on Pat can be found on his website: