Jim Jordan Announces Candidacy for Chesco Commissioner

Jim Jordan Announces Candidacy for Chesco Commissioner

Published: Jan 8, 2011 at 5:00 pm

Jim Jordan, a member of the PACC, made the announcement to the public on 1/10/2011 of his intention to be a candidate for Chester County Commissioner:

Like many of you, I view this past November’s elections as an encouraging start, but by no means a total solution. Pennsylvania’s results, although positive, were only a starting point in ensuring residents their freedoms and financial safety. To continue this trend I feel compelled to personally help advance personal and financial freedom, and enter the race for Chester County Commissioner.

The ever-encroaching reach of government – at all levels – has diminished our personal liberties while at the same time demanding dramatically increased monetary contributions via taxation. I believe that my personal, fiscal and political beliefs will, at a county level, aid our fellow citizens while providing a positive role model for other like-minded individuals to consider similar public service actions.

Below is a brief synopsis of who I am. It is not meant to be exhaustive, but rather an introduction. As the election process moves forward my goal is to meet as many county citizens as possible, to discuss what they need from our county and what I can do to help them from a sound fiscal and Constitutionally lawful position.

I am 42 years old, married to my wife Rebecca with one daughter, age 5, and one son, age 3. We are 20-year residents of Thornbury, Chester County. My passions include enjoying my family, physical fitness, politics and my automobile hobby. It is my belief that we are all life-long students, and my ‘coursework’ has been understanding business and our State and Federal Constitutions.

Next year I will mark a quarter century of experience as a business owner in Chester County. I am president of a company in West Chester, which has earned its reputation since its founding in 1986 for high quality and integrity. Under my leadership the business has achieved considerable growth while maintaining and enhancing the quality and service that made it stand out in the late 80s. Furthermore, our company is considered one of the premier of its kind nationally.

I have been a student of economics and its relationship to business, successfully navigating my own company through nearly 25 years of boom and bust economies.

From 2005-2009, I was Chairman of the Thornbury Chester County Planning Commission. Several of my accomplishments were:

  • No litigation brought against the township for planning disputes
  • Several ordinances authored in accordance with the Pennsylvania Constitution
  • Satisfied the needs of residents and developers in a fair, lawful manner

I am seeking the office of County Commissioner because I am certain that this community, one of the fastest growing and affluent counties in America, needs qualified representation in the areas of effective business development and sound fiscal policies. At the county level, we must also maintain an aggressive commitment to true property rights.

We have cultivated an impressive legal community in Chester County with modern courthouses and government centers. I submit that if we want to strengthen our county community it is more important to grow the small business sector, leading to the creation of private jobs across our county. This can only happen through election of committed local business leaders. I have the ability, experience, and energy to make this happen.

Some of my top priorities for the county will be:

  • Modify our strategic planning for the county to ensure business development in all sectors, including manufacturing
  • Pursue initiatives to relax or eliminate taxes for evolving businesses
  • Advance federal, state and local incentives to attract manufacturing
  • Establish a Council of Government summit to identify county areas best suited for business development and promote infrastructure improvements to accommodate growth
  • Institute a minimum 2-to-1 payback for job creation incentives on all new county initiatives

Keeping taxes low in Chester County is crucial to maintaining a high quality of life for citizens. This must be accompanied by reduction of waste at every level of government. This will not be easy, but the process must begin for the long-term fiscal health of citizens and businesses within Chester County. We should empower all government employees to participate in the process and have their recommendations considered and implemented. As in business, those who do the tasks day in and day out are best suited to uncovering better ways to work.

Effective county planning and strategy combined with true fiscal responsibility will get positive results, leading to long-term growth. As your Chester County Commissioner, I am committed to making this happen.

As I want this process to be interactive and transparent, I welcome your comments and feedback. I firmly believe that our Republic only works with an engaged citizenry.

Sincerely yours,

Jim Jordan