Mr. Obama, the people have spoken

Mr. Obama, the people have spoken

Published: Nov 16, 2010 at 8:24 pm

by Anthony J Oleck

Daily Local News

Nov. 6, 2010

On Election night the American people put the team of Obama, Reid and Pelosi in check.

Precisely because all levels of government were being run by a team of unchecked progressives, the people got an up close and personal look at what a far left progressive America would look like. They did not like the view and to their credit they resoundingly rejected Obama’s “change” for America.

Based on his comments today, Obama still does not seem to get it … in his view the people are just mad and confused about the economy … we don’t understand that all his programs, his initiatives were just one-time measures to deal with a crisis.

Wake up Mr. President … we know exactly what you were doing. You were fundamentally changing America and you were attempting to rewrite the Constitution. Basic to American exceptionalism is the strength and the power of the individual, the entrepreneur, small business, big business, free markets and the rule of law.

Your attacks on business, on Arizona, on a police officer doing his job, your divisive style calling honest Americans holding a different view “enemies,” your big government solutions to every problem, your spending, your Cap and Trade tax, your czars, your refusal to protect our borders. This is what we were rejecting Mr. President, why do you continue to try and “spin” what is clear to most of America? It’s not just the economy and it’s not just jobs … it’s your approach to these problems that we are rejecting.

When Bill Clinton was faced with a similar repudiation and a Republican controlled Congress, he was pragmatic … he moved to the center. He supported much of what Republicans offered in their Contract With America. We know the results, the economy prospered. Clinton was pragmatic … your comments today make it very hard to envision you as a pragmatist, you still sound like you have not gotten the message … are you too much of an ideologue Mr. President? Did you really mean what you said to Republicans when they first came to you with suggestions for the health bill? You said … “look, I won”… you did it your way and now you must live with the results.

If you maintain that attitude Mr. President, this CHECK is going to turn into a CHECKMATE in just two short years.

To our newly elected Republicans, this is the beginning of a GOP cleansing. It is going to take several election cycles to rid the party of RINOs (Republicans in name only). We are looking for true Conservatives, bold Conservatives in the image of Ronald Reagan and more recently Chris Christie and Marco Rubio.

Consider that candidate Rubio had the courage to raise the issue of a hike in the Social Security age as a possible solution to that problem. He did that as a candidate in a state loaded with seniors on Social Security … he touched the “third rail” of politics and guess what … he won. We respect that courage and we want real solutions.

The Tea Party is not going away, we have just begun the fight to get our country back on track.