April 16th and 17th: PA Leadership Conference

April 16th and 17th: PA Leadership Conference

Published: Apr 17, 2010 at 10:26 am

 Pennsylvania Conservative Council’s (PACC) Administrative Director, Fred Fonseca, is representing the PACC at this year’s PA Leadership Conference in Harrisburg, PA.  He is sharing an exhibition table with Rich Davis, Founder of American Sheepdogs and is spreading the word about the history and mission of the Council.  The following text is provided on the handouts being used at the Conference. 

The Pennsylvania Conservative Council is a grassroots organization promoting conservative ideals, such as individual liberty, self-reliance, limited government, strong national defense, lower taxes, personal responsibility, and the rule-of-law.

The Pennsylvania Conservative Council (PACC) has it’s roots in the Chester County Victory Movement of West Chester PA. In 2008, after a year of Saturday morning Support the Troops rallies in downtown West Chester, American Sheepdog members began to think about taking their action to the next level and the PACC was born.

Urbanization of the surrounding Philadelphia area has resulted in an erosion of conservative voter majorities. Recognizing the key roll these suburban areas hold in state and national elections the PACC embarked on a mission of information and education on issues important to conservatives on a local, state and national level. To this end we sponsor lectures, seminars, forums and debates in the Philadelphia suburban counties. On our website are found articles that range from humorous to scholarly and covering issues from GLSEN activism in local public schools to national defense.

Polls show time and again that the majority of Americans consider themselves as more conservative than liberal. As liberalism continues it’s slide into leftism the PACC believes it’s nonpartisan educational approach will lead to strengthening conservative majorities in Southeast Pennsylvania.

Visit our website at paconservativecouncil.org and join us

at our membership meetings on the first Saturday at the West Chester Borough Hall