Death Squads and Disingenuous Press

Death Squads and Disingenuous Press

Published: Aug 15, 2009 at 9:47 am

By Anthony J. Oleck
Letter to the Editor in The Daily Local

There have been several letters to the editor and many more comments from the elite media, mocking the health plan protesters’ use of the phrase “death squad.”  Brian Bernardini of Coatesville, in a recent letter asks the Daily Local to do a better job of fact checking on MSNBC this morning I listened as one elite after another mocked the “death squad” term and the town hall protests.

Brian, elite media – give us some credit please. We know that there is not a chapter or a page in any of the current bills titled “death squad.” But we also know that one of the president’s key advisers, Rahm Emanual’s physician brother, has talked about the need to “fact test” care options in the elderly. He believes that the money may be better spent on younger patients – or as he put it, on education or the arts.

So for those in the slow class let me elaborate – if grandma needs a new heart valve to live another eight years she may be considered a bad financial risk – that then becomes grandma’s death sentence.

Let’s look at another death squad possibility under the new plan. In the UK expensive drugs to treat women with advanced breast cancer were denied: why? Because they were too expensive for a country where socialized medicine has forced rationing. Being denied those life saving drugs is a death sentence to the women who need them. Because of all the publicity here in America and the protests in the UK, those women are now getting the drugs they need, but absent that protest and this debate – socialized medicine was their death sentence.

The other fact of life in this equation is that any plan that covers everyone, has no competition, and the only cost control is rationing care will lead many to die before treatment may be given. We have testimony and data from other socialized plans, in other countries that tell us that patients don’t get the care they need when they need it – another possible death sentence.

The other lie in Obama’s plan is that you will have a choice. That may be true for a short period of time, but make no mistake that choice will go away. As the government plan crowds out private plans they will not be able to compete financially with a taxpayer-funded public plan. Eventually they will become too expensive and employers will be forced to drop them – our only option will be the Obama plan. The president knows this full well as there is a YouTube video of him saying as much when he was a senator. There will be exceptions to this rule – Obama and all government workers will keep their generous plan and we will continue to pay for it.

And let me ask a rhetorical question: Do you think the teachers’ union or the UAW are going to give up their plans for a public plan? My guess is that they will not, so we will continue to pay for those generous plans as well.

Finally, I am amused at how outraged my liberal friends are at the very vocal town hall protests. Are your memories that short? Recently I saw liberals throw pies at Ann Coulter, force a conservative speaker at Columbia University off the stage with their taunts and wild screaming and who can forget the Vietnam protests – occupation of government buildings, bombing government buildings – riots in the streets and on college campuses.

If you are not happy with conservatives speaking out at town hall meetings, you have only to look to yourselves – you taught us well.