Tell Your Politician Not To Sip The COLA

Tell Your Politician Not To Sip The COLA

Published: Jan 8, 2009 at 9:22 am

by Tania Ciolko
Letter to the Editor in the North East Times

With the state of Pennsylvania facing a $2 billion budget deficit this fiscal year and Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter shortening the yearly Mummers Parade and trying to close fire stations and libraries due to budgetary shortfalls, I was heartened to learn of one elected official recognizing the seriousness of this economic disaster.

State Rep. Curt Schroder, a Republican from Chester County, has announced he is returning his COLA (cost of living adjustment) to the state treasury.
With this announcement he is giving money back to the taxpayers – that would be you and me.

As a citizen of Pennsylvania and a taxpayer, I am requesting that my state senator, Mike Stack, a Democrat, and state representative, John Sabatina, also a Democrat, do the same; return their COLAs to the state treasury and give the money back to the hard-working citizens.

I urge everyone to contact their state legislators to find out what they did with their COLAs. Taxpayers should not support politicians who took the COLAs and vote to raise our taxes to make up the projected $2 billion deficits they created.